I hold a bachelor and a master degree in telecommunications engineering from the UPF in Barcelona. Although I’ve worked for several companies in various positions, from IT audit to project manager and consultant, I found my passion building mobile apps. So I’ve been focusing on that since 2017.

Here is a list of projects I’ve worked on:

Cluno (now Cazoo)

Cluno was a native iOS app written in Swift and available in the German App Store. Customers could use the app to browse a portfolio of available cars, register and provide payment information, select delivery options and report damages. It used MVVM and RxSwift. The backend was behind a GraphQL server and the app used Apollo to auto-generate strongly typed code. It used Bitrise as a CI/CD platform and AppCenter for the distribution.


MindDoc is a mental health companion app. It can be used to learn about mental conditions, track your mood or find a therapist. The app is written in Swift and uses SwiftUI, strongly inspired by Redux and The Composable Architecture. It uses GitHub actions together with Fastlane as the CI/CD platform. It is available worldwide and has thousands of active users.

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